Apr 2012

Anti-corruption drive claims top suspects

Government priorities

It will soon be the end of the road for suspects of serious corruption. Government is set to meet its target of arresting and prosecuting 100 people suspected of fraud and corruption who have more than R5 million in illicit assets, by April 2014.

Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Jeff Radebe said significant progress had been made towards reaching this target in the first 18 months since coordination of the law enforcement agencies had been improved. 

Led by the anti-corruption team, 56 people were being investigated between April and December 2011. Of these, 26 had been arrested and appeared in court, while 19 had their assets to the value of R579 million frozen. In 2012, an additional 32 people will be investigated.

The current priority case investigation involves a total of 157 suspect persons. "Through concerted efforts and coordination, the impact of our work is beginning to be felt. This, we believe, will have a deterrent effect on potential offenders," Minister Radebe said.

He continued saying more South Africans were joining the fight against crime in general, and called on everyone to continue to take part in anti-corruption campaigns.

Continued police training, equitable distribution of policing resources and the creation of a professional police force will be consolidated during this and next year as part of anti-corruption measures. 

-Francis Hweshe, BuaNews

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