Apr 2012

More South Africans are and feel safer

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Victims of crime are beginning to see results in the fight against crime. According to the recently released results of the Victims of Crime Survey undertaken in 2011, there is a marked improvement in the treatment of victims.

“Among other things, the survey found that over 40 per cent of households felt that the level of both violent and non-violent crime had decreased in their area of residence during the period 2008 to 2010,” said Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Jeff Radebe.

Minister Radebe said of those surveyed, about 60 per cent of households were satisfied with the way police and courts were doing their work.

The survey also revealed that 32,1 per cent of households believed levels of crime had dropped, compared to 2007 when 57,1 per cent felt that crime had increased.

Regarding personal safety, 88,2 per cent felt safe when walking in their areas of residence during the day, while 27 per cent felt safe doing so at night. In 2007, the response was 76 per cent and 23 per cent respectively.

The Minister said similar victim surveys would continue annually under the auspices of Statistics South Africa to monitor perceptions of the public and victims of crime.


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