Apr 2015

e-learning for Western Cape schools

Written by Albert Pule
The Western Cape Department of Education is to introduce e-learning at schools.

A large number of schools across the province stand to benefit from the implementation of e-learning.

“Three thousand and fifty classrooms across 248 schools will benefit from our Smart Classroom Project over the next five financial years.

“R53 million will be spent during the current financial year to convert 1 583 classrooms to smart classrooms,” the Premier Helen Zille said during her State of the Province Address.

She added that the implementation of e-learning was expected to improve the quality of education in the province.

“It is designed to make a major contribution towards improving the quality of teaching and learning in the province and entrench the skills people need to participate in our technology-driven economy.” The Premier said the department had allocated millions for the project.

“We have allocated nearly R730 million over the next three years to establish ICT infrastructure and e-learning in schools.”

The department is developing Local Area Networks (LANs) to connect schools and classrooms.

She said that over 600 schools would have LANs installed.

“We aim to install a LAN in 610 schools (including for learners with special educational needs) over the next five years.”

Premier Zille also announced that infrastructure would be improved in schools.

“Five hundred of our poorest schools will also receive refreshed computer labs over the next five financial years.

One hundred and twenty-six laboratories will be completed by the end of April,” she added.

Teachers will not be left behind as they will receive training, said Premier Zille.

“In order to ensure that teachers can adapt to the changes technology will bring in the classroom, our in service teacher training will focus primarily on the use of technology and good teaching methods to convey curriculum content,” she added.

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