Oct 2014

NYDA funds all things chicken

Written by Maselaelo Seshotli
Pontsho Senne, proud owner of All Things Chicken, situated in Phokeng, 5 kms from Rustenburg, has watched her business grow from strength to strength since it started in 2012.

Owner of All Things Chicken, Pontsho Senne, seen here with her team members, encourages other young people to start their own businesses.Senne, a former administration assistant, started her business after her husband bought 1 000 broiler chicks to start a chicken breeding business.

“I had to learn how to take care of the chicks on the spot and used the internet as my source of information,” said Senne.

When Senne started her business she and a partner used their savings to buy equipment. The partner has since left the business and Senne is the sole owner.

All Things Chicken, which specialises in leghorn (hard body), purchase their stock from egg farms, and negotiate with the farmers to sell them retired egg-layers.

“Cash flow and negotiating with the suppliers can be very hard as we at times do not agree on pricing,” she said.

The business slaughters, packages and sells their product to the local community of Phokeng.

“We also supply two local butcheries, caterers and the old ladies who sell afval on the street corners,” said Senne.

The company has a small bakkie which is used to collect stock and distribute to their clients.

Senne approached the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) for grant funding amounting to R49 970,21 to purchase equipment

“With the grant received from the NYDA we managed to buy a chicken plucker, crates and stock,” said Senne.

The plucker has made production easier as they are now able to pluck six chickens at a time instead of one.

“The NYDA has not only supported the us financially, but has also assisted the company with entrepreneurial skills training and branding,” said Senne.

Chairperson of the NYDA Yershen Pillay says young South Africans are extremely resourceful and that it’s up to the NYDA to provide the necessary support.

“We are exceptionally proud of our grant beneficiaries and wish the entire team at All Things Chicken every success in growing their business and in so doing further developing the economy of South Africa,” said Pillay.

The company currently has three machines which make production quick and easy.

“We have a stunner and bleeder, a scouldering tank and a de-feathering machine which speeds up production,” said Senne.

The business sells live chickens priced at R40, slaughtered chickens priced at R45, and afval priced at R20.

“Month-end is busy for us as there is increased demand for our products and that’s when we generate more income,” said Senne.

All Things Chicken does its marketing through word of mouth and flyers which Senne distributes herself.

The company has seven female casual employees that go to work during the slaughtering and packaging weeks.

“The business has the potential of growing, and my dream now is to open an abattoir. I see my business supplying to large supermarkets one day,” said Senne.

Senne encourages other young people to start their own business and create employment.

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