Jul 2014

President’s speech gets thumbs up

Written by Staff reporter

State of the Nation Address

South Africans from all walks of life watched with interest as President Jacob Zuma delivered his State of the Nation Address recently.

This is what some of them had to say about the issues outlined by the President:

Vumeka Sisilana, Eastern Cape

“The speech was very encouraging for young people because the President mentioned that government would deal with drugs in schools and build new schools.

Drugs are a serious challenge in schools and destroys the lives of many learners.”

Seugnet Van Zyl, Gauteng

"I am happy that more emphasis is being placed on prioritising women empowerment and development. It would be good to see more leading women in higher positions in government."

Mathews Jankies, Free State

“I think the President touched on all important areas that affect the lives of people. Some of the important things the President said was that national government would help get rid of the bucket system and the energy system would improve. I think that there should be more projects for youth as this would eliminate the high rate of unemployment, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy.”

Gizelle Athman, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

“For me the second State of the Nation Address was similar to the first address by President Jacob Zuma earlier this year. I am glad that government is providing more solutions to issues affecting South Africans such as providing water, sanitation and electricity to communities who are without these basic services.”

Ianessa Harman, North West

"I’m glad that government is finally addressing the energy shortage facing the country. The fact that government is looking into sustainable energy such as wind and solar over and above conventional energy is remarkable.

Hopefully this will help us boost investment and also do away with load shedding."

Martin Joyce, Limpopo

“As a young business owner I am glad that government has prioritised small business development and even created a new department dedicated to address the needs of small businesses. Providing funds for youth to start and maintain their businesses would not only address unemployment but further boost job creation in rural communities.”

Bonnie Tubbs, Gauteng

“I think the most recent State of the Nation ad- dress met my expectations. It did touch on the issues affecting South Africa and also focused on issues that have made media headlines recently. What stood out for me was the promise of a R847 billion investment in infrastructure over the next three years and that government is addressing the City of Joburg’s billing crisis at a national level.”

Gonnie Naidoo, KwaZulu-Natal

“The President’s speech was phenomenal and I found the information on job creation and education very useful. The President spoke about all the topics that we hear in our communities. The plans for the next five years look very good.”

Sarojini Govender, KwaZulu-Natal

“I found the plans to assist municipalities, building of schools in the Eastern Cape, delivery of housing, water and electricity and job creation very interesting. The President’s speech adequately covered all the salient issues that communities face on a daily basis. It was truly inspiring”.

Romeo Ewerts, Western Cape

"I think the speech was reasonable and I’m glad that the President mentioned that South Africa's economic growth will get immediate attention.

The fact that the President mentioned that the youth need skills is also important. I believe the National Development Plan will help to move South Africa forward."

Sandra Mahlakoane, Mpumalanga

“I think President Zuma’s speech was very informative especially because it focused on improving education in our country. I was very interested in what he said about more bursaries and more learnerships for young people.”

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