Oct 2018 2nd Edition

Venturing into the business of beauty

Dale Hes
A young woman's idea to use food to create hair and skin products bearing fruit.

Nathacia Olivier was born with a condition that caused her skin to peel. She developed terrible acne which destroyed her self-confidence in her teenage years.

This inspired Olivier (29) to start Indoni Beauty Range which manufactures body butter, sugar scrub and salt scrub.

She branched off to manufacture hair products such as hair butter, curling butter, hair oil and a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.

“In my teens I suffered a lot from acne and pimples, and it destroyed my self-confidence because I just wanted to look like other girls.”

After trying every skin product on the market without success Olivier had a lightbulb moment while watching the Dr Oz show on television.

“Dr Oz was talking about how food is healing and good for the body, human development and replenishing our cells. So I thought, why not use food to help heal or soothe skin?”

Olivier began experimenting with various foods to create beauty products. Her big break came when she entered the Innovation Hub’s Gauteng Accelerator Programme competition in 2016.

“I didn’t really have anything apart from the idea. I pitched the idea in the competition and won first place.” She said 

 The Innovation Hub assisted Olivier with funding to develop her products, create packaging and provide training and workshops through the business incubator eKasiLabs.

“They have been very helpful and have assisted me with trademarking the brand and testing products. It has been amazing how they have helped me to grow,” Olivier explained.

Today, the company employs over 20 women who sell and distribute the products. Olivier currently supplies two stores in Johannesburg namely African Flavour and SL Flower House.

She adds that hard work is the only way to make a success of your business.

“What people must know is that the journey is never an easy one. I would advise emerging entrepreneurs to become a part of the Innovation Hub, but also push for themselves when they are incubated there. They won’t spoon-feed you but will help you when you are serious.  

If your business idea needs support, then get in touch with the Innovation Hub by calling 012 844 0000, or log on to www.theinnovationhub.com for more information.

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