Nov 2019 2nd Edition

Young men speak out against abuse

Written by Silusapho Nyanda

Vuk’uzenzele hit the streets to determine young men’s views on healthy relationships; domestic and sexual abuse; sexual consent and how men can help put an end to Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

Aubray Motswai "To stop GBV, men must be proactive about tackling the issue. This is a mindset, viewing women as objects. Once we eliminate this, we can start dealing with GBV. Making unwanted sexual advances and touching women without their consent is sexual abuse."

Rowan Camps “Domestic abuse can be mental, physical or emotional. A lot of the time people think it is just physical. I think it is mental and emotional as well. At times, it has something to do with emotional blackmail. Abuse in communities can be stopped by educating young men about what it is and why it is not good to abuse others. It goes back to education at school, teaching why it’s wrong.”

Malesela Masenya “My view of sexual consent is that both parties want to have sex and both parties give their permission. You must start to call people out who build toxic masculinity.”

Henni van Jaarsveld  "Healthy relationships are those in which both parties respect each other, communicate without fear and have each other’s best interests at heart."

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