Jan 2009


Getting rid of poverty through social grants is one of government's main aims towards building a better life for all. People who want to apply for social grants are therefore urged to apply through the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) only, and not through any unauthorised persons or organisations.

This message from government follows reports that unauthorised people have been handing out social grant application forms. Social grants are a government responsibility and action will be taken against people who are illegally involved in social grant matters.

Through social grants, the number of people struggling to earn a living in South Africa has dropped. This is because social grants have helped to raise the income of the poorest of the population. Since 1996, nine million people have been lifted out of poverty with more than 12 million now getting social grants. In the beginning of last year, government set aside R124 million to help poor households. Towards the end of the year, a further amount of R500 million was set aside.

- BuaNews

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