Jan 2009


Before you jump for joy that you have been accepted at a private institution of higher learning, make sure it is registered. Some institutions are not trustworthy and it is your responsibility to find out whether the one you have chosen is registered. This is a simple process that can save you a lot of money.

The Registrar of Private Higher Education Institutions is a body set up by government. It is responsible for protecting the public against illegal private institutions of higher learning.

Within the law

Registered institutions work within the law and the programmes they offer are also registered. This means they have everything that is necessary to provide good quality education. The qualifications that students get from them are recognised by the National Qualification Framework.

The Registrar of Private Higher Education Institutions can tell you which institutions are registered, which have temporary registration and which registrations have been cancelled.

Next to the name of the each registered or temporary registered institution is a list of programmes for which the institution is registered and the addresses where programmes will be offered.

Information booklet

A booklet containing information on what parents or students need to know about registering in private higher institutions of learning is available at the Department of Education.

Students and their parents can also call or e-mail the Department of Education to find out whether a specific institution is registered or not.

- Muzi Mkhwanazi

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