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Following the right steps when you have a problem with your credit record will help to solve the problem quicker.

The first step to take when you do not agree with your credit information, is to contact the credit bureau. Tell them about your problem and ask them to correct the information. But remember to keep a record of all payments you have made.

In line with the National Credit Act, the credit bureau must solve your problem within a period of 20 working days.

Credit information

You can only go to the office of the Credit Information Ombud if you have tried to solve the problem with the credit bureau.

In line with the law, the office of the Credit Information Ombud can only handle complaints if it was reported to the credit bureau and they cannot solve the problem.

First point of call

It is important for people to remember that the credit bureau is the first point of call to complain about incorrect information on your credit record.

The credit bureau is forced by law to look into every complaint they get from people about credit information on records. If you don't agree with your credit information, you can take the following steps to lodge a complaint at the credit bureau:

  • Make sure you have a record of all payments you have made on outstanding accounts
  • Call the credit bureau and get a copy of your credit record - remember you are entitled to a free report per year.
  • The credit bureau must give you a reference number when you lodge a complaint
  • After you have lodged the complaint you must give the credit bureau a period of 20 working days to solve the problem.

If you're not happy

If, after the 20 working days period, you are not happy with the outcome of the investigation, you can take your complaint to the Credit Information Ombud. Remember to send them the complaint together with the reference number you got from the credit bureau. The services of the Credit Information Ombud are free.

- Muzi Mkhwanazi