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Let's support the class of 2010

Written by Samona Murugan

Education empowers

Learners throughout South Africa are preparing to write their National Senior Certificate examinations. To raise awareness of the importance of the exams and rally support for learners, the Department of Basic Education started a campaign called Let’s Support the Class of 2010. So let us all as parents, guardians, siblings, friends give our heartfelt support to them during the coming exams.

The Grade 12 examinations are extremely important, as these results must be presented when learners apply for acceptance at tertiary institutions and for bursaries or jobs.

Most schools offer examination preparation, revision and extra classes during weekends and after school. Every learner should attend these and not miss any school days before the exams.

Manage your time

To help you manage your time better, you should work out a study timetable. The timetable should be made up of how much study time is set aside for each subject.

You must stick to fixed study times every day so that studying becomes part of your daily routine. Each subject should be separated into different sections and should be covered thoroughly during study time. Make notes and summaries of key information to help you remember what you have learned.

Study material

Make sure that all your study materials, such as class notes, worksheets, textbooks and stationary are in order. If anything is missing or incomplete, ask a classmate or teacher for help with notes that you do not have.

To get a better understanding of the type of questions that will be covered in the exams, you should go through past years’ exam papers for each subject. This is very useful for exam preparation.

Refresh your mind

Find a quiet place to study, like a school or community library, so you are not easily distracted.

Get enough sleep, drink lots of water and eat healthy snacks and balanced meals to keep you awake, give you energy, and help you to concentrate.

Avoid junk food and greasy foods. These tend to make you feel tired and sleepy, which will affect your ability to concentrate. Take short breaks during study time to refresh your mind.