Mar 2010



Avoid the crisis of drowning in debt

These days it's crucial to be financially mature. Being unemployed is bad, but being employed can be just as bad if you find yourself in the crisis of drowning in your debts.

That's why we must learn to budget and save. To budget, we must write down our needs for every month and not spend more than we have.

To avoid depression, stress, being blacklisted and repossession, it's best to buy cash or on lay-bye. Lay-bye is useful - you will do your best to pay, because you know the item you are buying is waiting at the shop. You can only have it once you have paid it off, and you will lose it if you don't pay. If you have an account, you get something before you have even paid for it.

- Salome Sekete, Atteridgeville, Gauteng

Leave a remarkable legacy

Many preparations have been made for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and I'm sure South Africa is ready.

South Africa is a multi-cultural society, but regardless of race, sex and beliefs, we all have one thing in common - the way we wear our country's colours.

I call on all South Africans to raise our flag and sing our national anthem deep down from our hearts with pride. Even if Bafana Bafana doesn't make it during the World Cup, let our way of speaking, doing things and our way of wearing our African colours leave a remarkable lasting legacy in the minds of our visitors and future generations.

- Mothupi Ismael, Molatswaneng, North West

Thank you, Kha ri Gude

I'm a 39-year old lady born and bred in Mazizini in Ngqeleni District. I passed grade 12 in 2001 and started teaching Kha ri Gude from April 2008 until now. Kha ri Gude opened doors to my future. Last year I registered for an ABET certificate at UNISA with the assistance of the Kha ri Gude Mass Literacy Campaign. Now I have an ABET certificate. Kha ri Gude is a government mass literacy campaign to help adults who missed out on their schooling.

Kha ri Gude has also provided me with experience through teaching adults in the form of workshops. Thank you to the former Department of Education for the Kha ri Gude campaign!

- Cellinah Mditshane, Ngqeleni, Eastern Cape

Only one precious gift

There is only one precious gift a person can have. It can make your family and society proud of you, it can take you to places you have never been to before, it is permanent and cannot be stolen or be bought, not even from streets, taverns, pubs and shebeens. But you can get it from private and government institutions.

This gift requires dedication, perseverance and commitment. It is guaranteed for permanent use and there is no age limit, you can get it for yourself, it is never too late. It is called "Education".

- Matsebe Charles Nkoana, Alexandra, Gauteng

Use water wisely

We are experiencing a shortage of water in our area, because of a lack of rainfall. We should all learn to use water wisely, because it plays a very significant role in our lives. It is important in generating electricity and essential in our homes.

If we don't use it wisely, it will become unavailable in future. It will affect our industries and our economy. We should think of generations to come, how will they live if we waste all our water. Let's all awake and protect what God has provided for us in order to live.

- Thabo Mosotho, Ficksburg, Free State

Be a role model

Role models are very important while we are growing up. But many young people choose role models, yet do not strive to be like them. Instead, they do the opposite.

Role models should build our confidence, inspire us to achieve the impossible and to work like slaves in order to live like kings and queens. In choosing our role models, we should choose the street lights of our future and then try to be like them. Then, in turn, we can be role models for the next generation.

- Lwazi Mdana, Queenstown, Eastern Cape

Forgiveness frees you

It's hard to forgive those who have wronged us, but we forget that forgiving our enemies sets us free. It may not be easy to live with them, but it can be easy to forgive them. By forgiving them we will be blessed.

No one is always right and there is no pain without gain in life. We all make mistakes which we regret, so let's not judge a book by its cover, let's be patient with other people and act with compassion, because for every action there is a reaction.

- Ramoroka Salome, Steiloop, Limpopo.

Leaving a living legacy

We have all gone through many changes over the past two decades in South Africa. We are privileged to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, so smile and be happy, but at the same time start to create your legacy.

A legacy doesn't have to be material things like money, it can be a 'living legacy'. It must reflect who you are as a person and how you improved the lives of others.

- Lassy Mathevula, Krugersdorp, Gauteng

Cheers to SARS

I recently had some difficulty with the completion of my tax return forms. SARS had representatives in our local shopping mall, so I decided to ask for help from them. A young SARS employee looked at my form and my supporting documents and without waste of time he completed my form and e-filed it to SARS. All in just 10 minutes. Cheers to SARS!

- Lynette de Rapper, Uvongo, KwaZulu-Natal

They died for our freedom

Many young people are always finding someone or something to blame for their failures. Instead of correcting our failures, we do nothing but complain or turn to alcohol and cigarettes.

Why are we so lost, why don't we think of those who died for our freedom? They didn't die so we could just give up on life. I think if they could return they would wonder what they died for and ask where the leaders of the future are. Let's not disappoint them.

- Phahlane K.G.C. Ga-Rakgoadi, Limpopo

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