May 2017 1st Edition

Municipality to use EPWP to create jobs

The City of Tshwane is wasting no time in improving the lives of citizens. It is using the Extended Public Works Programme to create job opportunities and is investing in infrastructure for the supply of water and electricity.

Mayor of the City of Tshwane Solly Msimanga says the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipal Council will use the Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) to create over 20 000 jobs in an effort to reduce poverty. 

“Within the next financial year the City is looking to create 23 000 EPWP job opportunities for our people to alleviate the burden of poverty.

“This will be supported by the numerous projects we intend to commence within the coming financial year. These job opportunities will be supported by the building of a new fire station in Mamelodi and, in doing so, ensuring that the people of Mamelodi have better access to this emergency service.”

He added that the jobs will also be made possible by an investment of over R600 million in infrastructure.

“The creation of these job opportunities will also be made possible by a R660 million investment in our industrial nodes such as Waltloo, Rosslyn, Kangala and other identified areas with respect to bulk infrastructure that brings work opportunities closer to the people of those areas.”

Mayor Msimanga said the municipality will introduce an open bid adjudication process to eliminate corruption.

“Through the introduction of an open-bid adjudication process, we will ensure that business done with the city is fair and free from corruption, as part of our commitment to being an open and transparent government.

“We will also ensure that access to the work opportunities that flow from these projects is equally fair, equitable and free from corruption so that more of our people can benefit from the work being done in the city.”

Water infrastructure

To address the challenge of ageing water infrastructure, the municipality has made an initial investment of R13 million for upgrading infrastructure.

“To address this in part, the City made an initial R13 million investment into the restoration of water infrastructure in the last two months, and it has tendered for a R2 billion contract to refurbish, upgrade and replace some of the ailing infrastructure that was neglected.

In real terms, this means that more people across the city will have reliable access to water for everyday use.”  “

The municipality also replaced old pipes in parts of Soshanguve. “The pipes in Blocks AA and F were old asbestos cement pipes and, being past their design life, they were leaking profusely.

“The community requested a pipe replacement project, and the City was able to fit this into the overall programme. The project took eight months and was valued at R10.8 million; 4 653 meters of pipe was replaced and 59 local labourers were employed.”

Electrifying Tshwane

Mayor Msimanga added that the electrification of households plays an important role and the supply of electricity to new households will improve the lives and living conditions of communities.

“A few areas were identified by the current leadership where new connections are planned. The projects are underway and other projects are completed. These areas include the following Nellmapius X 24, where 1 000 connections were done in Ward 15; Soshanguve South X 19 has a planned number of 500 households to be electrified; Mamelodi X 5 for 74 households; Melusi X 2 for just over 200 households; and Winterveld for 256 households.”

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