Mar 2014

Parents must educate children on rights

Written by SAnews

Budget 2014

During Human Rights month, which is commemorated in March, government has called on parents and communities educate children on their rights, as enshrined in the Constitution.

Section 28 of the Constitution of South Africa is devoted to children and outlines the rights that they are entitled to. Acting Government Communication Information System (GCIS) CEO Phumla Williams said: “It is important that children are cognisant of their rights. Government has played a significant role in ensuring that there are relevant legislations and mechanisms in place to ensure children’s rights are not infringed.

“There are also government-led outreach initiatives that educate the public on the rights of children. However, parents and communities also play an integral part in punting the message.”

Government called on parents, communities and children to engage in conversations that promote the rights of children and educate them on reporting any suspicions of violation of their rights.

“Parents should continually engage their children about issues such as rape, inappropriate touching, bullying, violence and abuse, amongst others. The important step is for a child to report any incident or behaviour that may be associated with the infringement of their rights,” said Williams.

Children are encouraged to report such incidents to parents, teachers, or any one else they trust. Children can also call Childline on 08 000 55 555.

“Working together, let’s continue making South Africa a better place to live in,” she added.

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