Mar 2014

SA elections set for May

Written by Albert Pule

Budget 2014

Twenty years after the first democratic elections , South Africans will return to the polls to cast their votes on 7 May.

President Jacob Zuma proclaimed the date for the country’s fifth national elections recently.

“These are historic elections as they take place during the 20th anniversary of our freedom from apartheid bondage.

“They provide an opportunity for us to further consolidate the democracy and freedom that we worked so hard to achieve, and for which esteemed South Africans such as former President Nelson Mandela sacrificed life’s comforts for,” said President Zuma.

He called on all South Africans to show tolerance during the elections.

“I urge all our people to promote peace, tolerance and peaceful co-existence as we move towards the elections and during the elections.”

President Zuma said he was proud of the progress the country had made since 1994 and urged voters to turn out in their numbers to make the elections a success.

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