Aug 2015

1 tag lifts all booms

South Africa is one of the first countries to introduce interoperability of the electronic toll system. Since September 2012, the Gauteng e-tags can be used on the N1/N4 network which is managed by SANRAL’s concessionaire, Bakwena Platinum Corridor.

“For those SANRAL account holders that have e-tags, we are delighted that the automated electronic payment lanes at our existing toll plazas are being implemented. This means a road user does not have to stop at a toll plaza, but merely select the electronic lane, where the equipment will recognise the e-tag, deduct the toll fees automatically and the boom would lift,” says Vusi Mona.

Mona says users of the N1 and N4 freeways managed by the Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire have been experiencing this benefi t for many years.

“South Africa is one of the first countries in the world to introduce the use of automated lanes and automated payment on its toll roads,” says Mona. “This speeds up the traffi c fl ow at toll plazas on the freeways, eliminate waiting time at booths and provide road users with a single toll bill for all their journeys.”

“SANRAL’s intention is to make the manner in which toll is paid as easy as possible,” says Mona.

Following international best practice, SANRAL signed three public-private partnerships which ensure that the private sector builds, upgrades and maintains roads. It gets its income from tolls. This is true of the N3 to Durban as well as the N4 to the Mozambican and Botswana borders.

1 tag account

There will be one tag and one account. This offers convenience for road users, unparalleled in most countries that have multiple toll collection operators.

Delivering his 2015 State of the Province Address the Premier, David Makhura, described It as “the econonomic and industrial hub” of southern Africa that contributes 36% to the national Gross Domestic Product, 40% of industrial output and 60% of exports.

The province’s role as the “Gateway to Africa,” would not have been possible without SANRAL’s visionary decision to initiate the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project – a R20-billion investment in world-class roads infrastructure.

The multi-year construction project that generated more than 20 000 employment opportunities consisted of some 201km of upgraded road surface, 265km of reconstructed lanes and 585km of newly built lanes.

Investments in intelligent transport systems, freeway lighting, CCTV cameras and emergency rescue infrastructure combine to make the Gauteng Freeway system the safest and most advanced road network in Africa.

SANRAL is responsible for 21 403km of roads
10TH LONGEST IN THE WORLD controlled by National, Provincial and Municipal entities
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