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Government is transforming the economy

Written by Albert Pule
Various initiatives aimed at transforming sectors of the economy are at an advanced stage. The initiatives, which were planned from 2015, are setting in place conditions to meet the National Development Plan’s (NDP) goals of reducing poverty, promoting economic growth and job creation.

Produce from one of the agri-hubs that were constructed from 2015.Chairperson of the Economic Sectors, Employment and Infrastructure Development Cluster and Minster of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti says a lot of progress has been made in implementing the plans.

“Since the President announced the plan in his 2015 State of the Nation Address we have put in place initiatives to boost economic growth, create much-needed jobs and draw more South Africans into the productive sectors of the economy.

“There has been improved policy coordination, infrastructure development and skills development. Advances have also been made into the lucrative economic sectors of the oceans economy and tourism, industrialisation and unlocking the potential of small businesses.”

Revitalising agriculture and agro-processing

Since 2015, the construction of 11 agri-hubs has started. Three of them have been completed and are in operation; 90 black farmers have received support from government; and money has been invested to recapitalise over 600 farms.

“The cluster is proud to announce that many of the initiatives planned in 2015 are at an advanced stage of implementation.” The Minister reported the following achievements:

  • The construction of 11 agri-hubs and 12 farmer production support units is underway. The Ncora, Springbokpan and Westonaria agri-hubs are now operational.
  • Of the 66 proposals received under the 50/50 policy framework, 13 of them, amounting to 90 191 hectares (ha) worth R631 million, have been finalised. These will benefit 921 households. Forty three additional proposals are being processed.
  • The One Household, One Hectare Programme approved 154 sites which will benefit 6 000 households.
  • R1 billion has been invested to recapitalise 611 farms, thus cultivating 526 452 ha of land that would be lying fallow.
  • Ninety black commercial farmers will be supported through the Commercialisation Support Programme, which targets 450 black smallholder farmers by 2022.
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