Sept 2015

Keep your family and home safe

With an increase in the number of children being kidnapped by domestic workers or nannies in South Africa, it’s important for parents to be aware and careful of who they employ to help take care their children and homes.

There is a wide range of domestic workers/nannies to choose from and it is important that you pick the right person that will not put your children or family at risk.

Vuk’uzenzele bring you tips on how to keep your family safe and ensure that you employ the right person.

Security tips for parents, care-givers and parents-to-be
  • Always recruit your staff through a reputable agency with traceable telephone numbers.
  • References are very important. Make sure you ask for references and check them.
  • If a person is recommended to you by a relative or a friend, ensure that you know where the person lives.
  • Always insist on ID copies and passport copies where applicable.
  • Never make any cash payments.
  • Don’t employ someone off the streets. Even if friends and family recommend that person, you still have to interview that person.
  • If you hire someone through an agency, ensure that the candidate referred to you has gone through the selection process and has been checked by the agency.
  • For your own peace of mind and for the safety of your children, make the time to meet in person with the potential candidate before hiring them.
  • If you have found a potential candidate go with the person to your nearest police station to get a security clearance before they start working for you. 
  • Always trust your gut instinct when making your choice.


Safety and Security
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