Jan 2013

Know your status - Get tested for HIV

Why should I get tested?
Knowing your HIV status is the only way to protect your health and the health of your partner. Also, if you are planning a pregnancy or already pregnant, knowing your status is essential to protect the health of your child.

If you are HIV-positive finding out your status allows you to start treatment early and stay healthy. Those who are HIV-positive no longer have to wait until they become sick to receive treatment. Knowing if you are HIV-positive can also ensure that you do not put your sexual partner at risk of infection. You can protect your partner by taking antiretrovirals (ARVs) as prescribed and by using condoms. If you are planning a pregnancy you can use ARV treatment and other health services to prevent HIV transmission to your child.

If you are HIV-negative, knowing your status can help you take steps to stay that way. Always use a condom. Men should also consider medical circumcision as a way to reduce the risk of HIV infection.

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