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This month in history - Sep 1

Yusuf Dadoo, political activist, is born

5 September 1906

On 5 September 1909, a tireless fighter for national and social liberation, Dr. Yusuf Mohamed Dadoo was born in Krugersdorp near Johannesburg. Dadoo’s life was intimately linked to the resistance of racial discrimination and apartheid.

Dadoo was known by many for always forging closer links between underprivileged groups of Indian, African and Coloured people in the struggle for liberation. His family arrived in South Africa in the 1890s, three decades after the first group of Indian immigrant labourers entered South Africa.

He left an impressive political legacy, covering a number of fields spanning the relationship between transnational identity, racial identity, national liberation, socialism, non-racialism and internationalism. On 19 September 1983, Dadoo died while in exile in London.