Nov 2006



2010 fever is in the air and it is time to ask what we all can do to promote the World Cup in our country. Hosting the World Cup goes beyond building stadiums and having a strong national team. It calls for everyone to become a 2010 World Cup ambassador. These are people who will make sure that there is something happening in their communities in line with the World Cup. In South Africa, communities are brimming with activity. Cultural and modern dance groups, community policing forums and tribal councils are just some of the areas where people are getting themselves organised. Ambassadors must make sure tourists are welcomed and protected everywhere.

Get organised
We are still in the planning stage of the World Cup and this is the time to decide what impression we want to leave with the rest of the world. In South Africa, we have different cultures, writers, poets, artists and musicians. One does not need to be part of a multi-million project or be a well-known artist to become a 2010 ambassador. By organising an activity like a dance group on a street corner to entertain tourists, you will be showing the world a part of African culture.

Very successful
When Spain was planning to host the Olympic Games in Barcelona, there was a lot of bad publicity and many people didn't believe that the country was able to stage such a big event. But the games were very successful and there was a lot of positive news about Barcelona throughout the world. This was possible because everyone made a special effort to communicate positive messages. When Australia hosted the Olympic Games, its people also worked together as volunteers to show the world the positive side of their country. Everyone made a contribution, spreading the good news in one voice. Someone said after those games: "Even putting a smile on your face for the visitors was an act of being an ambassador."

Tourism increases
Countries that hosted events like the World Cup and the Olympics have all reported positive results for the country as a whole. In Australia, selling of goods overseas grew by 25 per cent, unemployment dropped and the economy grew by 7,9 per cent over two years. In Barcelona tourism has increased and in Germany business has grown. We will also succeed and be the ambassadors we know we can be.

- Ndivhuwo Khangale

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