Nov/Dec 2010

Be aware, be safe - Look out for pedestrians!

Tips for drivers

Be aware that many areas, especially informal settlements, have no formal points of crossing or pedestrian bridges. Keep in mind that you can encounter pedestrians anytime and anywhere, even in places where they are not supposed to be found.

  • Do not speed near areas with no pedestrian crossings, rather slow down.
  • Do not pass other vehicles near informal settlements, especially when visibility is bad.
  • Do not take for granted that pedestrians
    can see you.
  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians walking at the side of the road with their backs towards you.
  • Sometimes it will be difficult to see pedestrians, especially in bad weather or at night. Keep a lookout and slow down if visibility is bad.
  • Be on the lookout for small children and stray animals.
  • Be especially alert around schools and places where children are active. Drive like you would expect people to drive in front of your own home or where your children are playing!
  • Be careful near places where buses or taxis have stopped to drop off passengers next to the road – they may suddenly decide to cross the road!
  • Slow down if visibility is bad due to conditions like heavy rain, mist, fog, darkness, the sun shining in your eyes or blinding headlights of approaching vehicles.
  • Cars standing still in the street may have stopped to allow pedestrians to cross. Do not pass if there is any doubt!

-Samona Murugan

Safety and Security
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