Jan 2018

FS community gets treatment plant

Galoome Shopane
An innovative sewage treatment project has brought hope to the community of Glen in the Free State. partnership between South Africa and China has resulted in a specialised sewage system for the community of Glen in the Free State.

A new sewage treatment plant is expected to improve the state of water in Glen, Free State.The R25 million project will improve the state of water for the community. 
MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development Oupa Khoabane said the previous plant discharged poor quality water into the Modder River, which impacted the quality of life of the 1 400 community members.

“This project seeks to address challenges posed by the old sewage system, such as a failure to handle the growing population in our communities,” said MEC Khoabane.

Although the water from the water treatment plant can be used for construction, irrigation and cleaning, tests are still under way to determine if it is safe for consumption.

“Now there won't be any bad smells and everybody will be healthy.”

The Packaged Sewer Treatment Plant operates with sludge process reduction activated sludge technology which was developed and patented in China.
The system is compact and portable and has a back-up generator to ensure that it runs smoothly even without electricity. 

According to Taka Chiwanza, an engineer at the agriculture department, the system is low maintenance and innovative as it does not require chemicals.

“In the new system, each unit treats 150 m3 per day, meaning it gives us a capacity of 450m3  daily, which caters for the whole population of Glen,” said Chiwanza.

Nonkosi Nzabe, who is a student at Glen College of Agriculture, is happy about the new plant.

 “Now there won't be any bad smells and everybody will be healthy. The students suffered the most because we were so close to the sewage works,” said Nzabe. 

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