Jan 2018

Looking for a second chance?

Government’s Second Chance Matric Programme gives free academic support to learners who were not able to obtain a matric certificate.

It was created by the Department of Basic Education and the following people can apply:

  •  Supplementary Exam Candidates: Learners who wrote the National Senior Certificate (NSC) the previous year. They qualify to write a maximum of two subjects to meet the requirements of the NSC exams which are written in February and March  after 12 hours of face-to-face classes.
  • Progressed Learners: Learners who wrote the NSC but did not sit for all six subjects and who will write exams for the outstanding subjects in June. Learners are supported by 30 hours of face-to-face classes before the exams.
  • Senior Certificate (amended) exam candidates: Learners registered to write the Senior Certificate exams in June. Thirty hours of face-to-face classes will take place.
  • NSC exams part-time candidates: Learners who attempted the NSC exams post-2013 and will write exams in November. Thirty hours of face-to-face classes will take place.

The programme also incorporates educational television and radio broadcasts, online courses and printed resources.

Learners can apply at their nearest education district office.

For more information visit www.education.gov.za or call 0800 20 29 33. 


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