May 2016 1st Edition

Operation Phakisa update

Port Nolloth, Northern Cape

A new port is planned at Boegoebaai near Port Nolloth and the prefeasibility study is under way. Aquaculture projects are: abalone ranching, abalone hatchery, aquaculture facility near Hondeklipbaai and an oyster growing facility in Kleinzee.

Saldanha Bay, Western Cape

Approximately R9.2 billion in investment is planned by public and private sectors over the next five years to make this the oil and gas hub of South Africa. Work has started on the Offshore Supply Base (30 initial jobs). Aquaculture facilities, brown mussels, oysters and abalone are in production. Salmon, trout and scallops facilities. These are all experiemental. 

Cape Town, Western Cape

This is one of South Africa’s major ports, with investments in fuel storage (R660 million), two offshore mining vessels (R150 million) and building of workboat ferries for the navy (approximately R23 million). A private investor has committed investment of R63.4 million for boat building infrastructure and is creating 214 direct jobs.

Mossel Bay, Western Cape

Currently, this port is undergoing the refurbishment of its slipway.

Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal

This port will service the oil and gas industry, ship-repair and boat-building and create secondary industries for manufacturing. An aquaculture pilot project commenced with kob farming to complement an existing fish processing facility (tuna, sword fish and line fish).

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Procurement of equipment such as heavy duty forklift and welding is set for the Durban Dry Dock (Shop 24). Work worth R4 million completed has been. The contract works on the Durban Dry Dock Caisson of approximately R43 million has been completed. The caission was floated on 29 January and the dry dock is open for business.

The procurement of new dock cranes as well as a new TNPA Floating Dock for Durban is on track for 2016. A private investor has committed investment of R290 million for boatbuilding infrastructure with tax incentives creating 11 direct jobs. An upgrade to the naval station into a fully-fledged naval base is planned.

East London, Eastern Cape

This is South Africa’s boat building hub and electrical and civil upgrades are underway. An aquaculture development zone within the East London Industrial Development Zone is planned.

Port of Ngqura, Eastern Cape

The deepest container terminal in sub-Saharan Africa is planned to accommodate the new generation of giant container ships traversing Africa’s southern tip. A manganese terminal will be established. An aquaculture facility is in the production phase.

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Catamarans will be built over the next five years, unlocking R1.25 billion in investment contracts and creating 500 jobs. Two bulk carriers registered on the South African Ships Register and have been flying the SA flag. An aquaculture project on abalone is in its production phase.


Did you know?

Aquaculture offers real opportunities for SMMEs

• Globally, aquaculture supplies almost 50 percent of the world’s fish. It is estimated that by 2030, the world will require an additional 50 tonnes of fish, which come mainly from aquaculture.
• To date, 10 projects are underway in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal with funding secured from the newly established Aquaculture Development Enhancement Programme.
• More than 500 jobs have been created and committed.
• The sector has realised private sector investment of R338 million with government investment at R106 million.


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