Aug 2016 1st Edition

Building national unity

Sport, arts and culture

The Department of Arts and Culture has launched the Braille National Identity Booklet for the visually impaired.

The launch of the Braille National Identity Booklet is amongst the programmes which are aimed at educating learners and citizens about the National Symbols, encouraging a culture of singing the national anthem at school assembly in all schools as well as inculcating and entrenching a sense of patriotism amongst visually impaired people across racial divides.

“National Symbols have a unifying role as they present the citizens of each country with the common identity. Symbols can be a statement of intent and a road map in which younger generation of any race can move South Africa forward,” said Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi during the launch.

The Braille National Identity Booklet, which was developed by the Lesego Community Foundation, in support of the Department of Arts and Culture, serves as an extension of the department’s flag in every school programme.

The programme is aimed at educating learners and citizens about nation building and social cohesion. The programme includes the promotion of the National Anthem; and the recitation of the Preamble of the Constitution and installation of the National Flag in schools, amongst others.

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