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Letters to the Editor - Give us a piece of your mind

Winning letter - Rise above your handicaps

There are many men and women who have changed the course of history and enriched the lives of future generations, despite having to overcome enormous obstacles, like physical handicaps. We have to read our history books and encyclopaedias to see the number of outstanding people who rose above their disabilities and left indelible marks on the world. Look at American Helen Keller, for example. She was born blind, deaf and mute, but through sheer determination and dogged refusal to let her extreme handicaps stop her from acquiring knowledge, she went on to become a highly-educated woman.

Whatever your handicap may be, never allow it to destroy your true potential. To those who are physically challenged, I say, be proud of who you are.

– Aaron Tlou, Tweefontein, Mpumalanga

We would like to hear from you

If any of the information published in Vuk’uzenzele has helped you in any way to improve your life, we would love to hear all about it. For example if Vuk’uzenzele has motivated or helped you to start your own business, getting a bursary or a job, please tell us how we have helped you. Don’t forget to include your telephone or cellphone number and address.
Use water wisely

Without water there would be no life. Water plays an important role in our lives and bodies. It is the most important of all chemical compounds on earth. Without it all human beings and animals will die of thirst, and plants will wilt and die. A person can survive several days without food, but only a few hours without water.  So, please let’s use water wisely and teach our children to do so too!

– Emily Mathe, Lindley, Free State

Pillar of strength

It is with great pleasure that I’m saying I got confidence from reading your magazine. You are a pillar of strength, you reach to the bottom things and climb the landscapes of this country to change people’s lives for the better.
You have made me realise that there is more to life than sitting at home with nothing to do but blaming government for not providing for us. The words of encouragement you give means a lot to many people. Keep up the good work.

– Thabo Bosigo, Hennenman, Free State

Let us read

The March edition of Vuk’uzenzele magazine encouraged me to read daily in order to improve my language, reading skills and vocabulary by the information you published about libraries. I am proud to tell you that I now spend most of my time at the library, thanks to Vuk’uzenzele.

I urge everyone to visit their libraries often and discover the world of information. You can use the Internet for free and it is the quietest place to do your school work or even study for exams. Let us all read more and eradicate illiteracy in our communities.

– Khakhau Sedikanelo, Qwaqwa, Free State

Don't accept abuse

There are different kinds of abuse – verbal, financial, emotional and physical. No one has to accept being abused –  succumbing to it kills you alive and leaves you with scars and bruises. We have the right to be free and safe at all times. Being controlled is not an option; remember, it’s never too late to get out of a situation.

Respect and tolerance is the key to good parenting. If you and your children are abused, get yourself and your children out of that situation.  Be brave and stand up for your rights.

– Salome Sekete, Atteridgeville, Gauteng

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