Aug 2011

Water Affairs taps into women workers

Promoting career advancement is one of the Department of Water Affairs' development programmes for women during the next year.

In line with government's aims to empower women in the workplace by providing equal access to education, training, science and technology for women, the Department of Water Affairs has introduced a new Accelerated Development Programme.

The aim of the Water Affairs Accelerated Development Programme is to promote career advancement among junior to mid-level employees in the department. This is one of the department's development programmes for women during the next year.

Potential managers

According to Water and Environmental Affairs Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi, most employees at junior and mid levels are professionals who have either just recently completed their tertiary qualifications or have been occupying such levels without career progression for a long period.

The Accelerated Development Programme for middle management aims to develop mid-level managers to take on senior management positions. The Accelerated Development Programme for junior managers will serve as a pool for middle management candidates.

The aim is to grow and develop potential managers, so that they are ready when opportunities arise.

Life beyond work

The programme will also develop young women and women who are nearing retirement. The skills acquired from the programme will help the department's employees who are nearing retirement to prepare for life beyond work, while the younger women will be a feeder to the junior management level.

"When you retire the skills are transferred to others," said Minister Mabudafhasi. Once you've developed yourself, you are going to live sustainable lives and participate in your economy. You can also start your own businesses and empower other women."

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