Jul 2016 2nd Edition

Citizens must guard public assets

Written by Siya Mti
President Jacob Zuma cautioned communities to safeguard public assets against violent attacks.

The President was speaking during the launch of Ncorha Bulk Water Project in the Chris Hani District Municipality’s Bhanti village recently.

Appealing to the people of South Africa, President Zuma said the destruction of government property shifts the goal posts of service delivery.

Government builds infrastructure in order to improve the quality of life. The private sector also builds infrastructure to ensure access nearer our homes, for example the shopping malls. If people burn these public amenities, it means that as South Africans we are taking the country backwards…

“We need the communities to play their part too. You must value this infrastructure and guard it jealously,” said President Zuma.

The President cautioned against criminality that infiltrates protests, saying anarchy and destruction of property does not help efforts to attract investors, and is making job-creation efforts difficult.

“We are working hard as government to invite investors to the country, and also to encourage domestic industries to invest further in the country. We need these investments as they will help us to create jobs,” he said, adding that government does not have an endless supply of funds to keep rebuilding what gets destroyed deliberately.

"I urge the people of this district to protect the water infrastructure that we are launching today, and all public amenities.”

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