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March 2021 1st edition


The games on this page is not a competition. They are only for fun, so don't send your answers to Vuk'uzenzele.

What is the economy?
The economy is about money and about working and doing business to earn money. It is also about how we manage and use the money we earn. This involves buying, selling, lending, saving and growing our money.

What is an economic crisis?
The world-wide economic crisis, or economic slowdown, started when governments allowed their banks and other financial institutions to lend out more money than they could afford. As a result, they got too deep into debt. They also gave too much credit to clients who could not afford to pay it back. So their clients also got too deep into debt. This means there is less buying, selling and lending. The economic crisis is leading to people losing their jobs.

Find the hidden Words
The words given below are hidden in the grid. See if you can find them, then circle them like the word "JOB". They can go from top to bottom, down or across or diagonally. The words are: WORLD, ECONOMY, MONEY, LEND, BORROW, SPEND, BUY, SELL.
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Fill in the Missing Words
Read about the economy on this page, as well as here and here and answer the questions below.
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Unscramble the Words
The scrambled words below can be found on this page. Try to unscramble them and write your answers on the lines next to the circles.
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