May 2009



National Youth Service (NYS)

The National Youth Service is about involving young people in the development of our country. It is an opportunity for young people to actively serve their communities. The National Youth Service Programme aims to create a culture of service. It develops the skills, knowledge and abilities of young people. It also improves the chances of young people to get jobs by giving them opportunities to get work experience, developing their skills helping them to further their studies.

Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF)*

The Umsobomvu Youth Fund helps young people to start and grow their businesses by teaching them the necessary business skills. Umsobomvu has the following programmes:

  • The Franchise Fund helps youth to start and run their businesses. Through loans and a voucher system, it aims to enable and empower young entrepreneurs to run their franchise businesses.
  • Entrepreneurship Education Training: This training helps young people to understand entrepreneurship and business.
  • Co-operative Training: Basic training for young people to help them set up and run youth co-operative businesses.
  • Graduate Development Training: A training programme for unemployed graduates to improve their life and business skills.
  • Business Consulting Services Voucher: Services designed to help youth start, grow or develop their businesses.

Umsobomvu Youth Advisory Centres (YACs) are walk-in centres around the country where youth can get information and support to find jobs or start their own businesses. YACs provide services to communities that are unable to get to the centres. It takes information about careers and skills development, as well as business advice to local schools in Mobile YACs.

Contact Umsobomvu: 08600 YOUTH (96884).
Umsobomvu Business Partnership: 011 470-3111. Website:

* PLEASE NOTE: In June this year, a new youth agency, the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), will be formed when the National Youth Commission (NYC) and the Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF) join forces to become one organisation. The contact details will remain the same. (See this page for more information).


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