May 2009


A new youth agency, which aims to respond more effectively to the needs of our youth, will be launched in June this year. The agency will be called the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA). It will be formed when the National Youth Commission (NYC) and the Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF) join forces to become one united organisation.

The aim of joining the two institutions is to make them more effective in supporting South Africa's youth. This is part of government's efforts to strengthen youth development in the country.

Common goal

The new agency will co-ordinate the work done by different youth development programmes. These include programmes undertaken by different role players in the youth development sector and in government.

This will help the different programmes to work together towards a common goal.

Youth Development Agency

The National Youth Commission was started in line with the NYC Act, Act 19 of 1996. Its aim was to support and promote youth development in the country.

The Umsobomvu Youth Fund is a Section 21 Company started by government to address unemployment and economic challenges facing the country's youth. As one united organisation, they will be in a stronger position to deal more effectively with the challenges facing our youth.

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