Jun 2013

Letters to the Editor – Give us a piece of your mind

Hard work pays off

People need to realise that if you want to improve your life you need to be willing to work hard.

You have to give yourself enough time to accomplish your goals and if you fail the first time – try again.

Anything can be achieved through hard work, passion and a love for what you do.

Many youth expect to earn a lot of money when they first start working and think that they are entitled to a big salary just because they are going to work everyday.

This expectation is wrong and the youth need to realise that nothing comes without hard work.

Some young people are not willing to work if they are not getting a big amount of money in return.

They say to get the top of the tree you must start at the roots. Young people need to learn to aim higher and work harder.

– Ramoroka Salome from Ga-mushi village, Limpopo.

Victims of crime

It’s very sad when you hear that someone has been brutally raped or murdered. What can we do? We are living in the last days.

We must be there to support each other and pray for our children. Children need to obey their parents and stay away from bad friends who drink alcohol and use drugs.

We don’t know what will happen in the future. My heart goes to everyone who has been a victim of crime.

– Charles Pietersen from Heidelberg, Western Cape.

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