Apr 2014

SA gives SAPS the thumbs up

Written by Noluthando Mkhize
The safety of all South Africans is one of government’s priorities. The South African Police Service (SAPS) is among those tasked with ensuring this safety and has made great strides in fighting crime over the past 20 years.

Although often criticised for not doing enough, many South Africans, like some of those who spoke to Vuk’uzenzele, are proud of our men and women in blue.

Nyo Molamu

I do feel safe in this country and I choose not to listen to the negativity. I choose to be positive and not worry about the crime rate. I think there is room for improvement within the police system but the police are trying and we all need to start somewhere.

Sue du Plessis

I have always found the police to be very helpful whenever I needed them. We have good policemen and women, who work hard. They don’t receive the best of salaries but they give their best. Police officers see a lot of bad things and need counselling too. I also think they need better salaries and working conditions. Overall, the police are moving in the right direction but a little more improvement is needed.

Thabile Tshabangu

I think the SAPS is doing a great job in maintaining public order by combating organised crime and acting against anti-social behaviour. In my township, police officers work with community members through the Community Policing Forum. The police’s role is to serve, maintain law and protects us. I feel safe enough because I think we have a well-trained police service.

Warren Gabin

There have been improvements in terms of police visibility compared to pre-1994 but more are still needed. Policing still needs to be a calling rather than a job. Our government still needs to do more to train police and implement policing policies.

Safety and Security
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