Apr 2014

South Africans talk freedom

Written by Albert Pule
As South Africa celebrates 20 Years of Freedom, the questions on everyone’s lips are what is freedom, what does it mean to be free and how have people benefited from freedom?

Vuk’uzenzele posed these questions to a range of South Africans.

Dumisani Boraga (MAFIKENG)

Freedom means being able to participate in the economy, politics and social well-being of our country. All citizens of the country co-exist equally without racial discrimination. My life is no longer confined to racial superiority. I can now participate in a political party of my choice and express my political views. Freedom is a sense of belonging in our country.


Jennifer Wen (Cape Town)

To me freedom means the ultimate restoration of the human dignity our parents and grandparents were unable to experience in South Africa. Freedom means opportunities are available to my five-year-old son so he can prosper in his future. The freedom of our country changed my life as a woman. I am empowered as a woman, more so than women before 1994. I am also respected because not only does my vote count but my opinion as well.


Kayshree Govender (Johannesburg)

Freedom means to be free from oppression and the opportunity to stand together as one and embrace our country’s diversity. As individuals we need to respect and be thankful for the freedom that others were willing to die for. Freedom has opened up more opportunities for me and given me the right to vote for change and the right to be heard.


Andre Thomas (Bloemfontein)

In a country there should be no limitations on people living within the law. Freedom has increased opportunities.

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