Mar 2009


In 1994, South Africa's first democratically elected government came into power. Since then, the government has been committed to growing the country's economy and improving the lives of all its people.

Special attention has been given to goals like creating jobs, helping the poor, improving service delivery, access to housing, water and electricity, primary health care for all, educating the nation and fighting crime.

Government has made a lot of progress in achieving these goals, but there are still areas where much more can be done. For government to succeed in achieving its goals, it needs the co-operation of all its people. The 15-year review is a study that was done to measure government's delivery of its promises over the past 15 years.


  • Building a Healthier Nation
  • Developing our Working Skills
  • AsgiSA: Towards a strong and Stable Economy
  • Winning the War Against Poverty
  • Second Economy - Reaching for Higher Goals
  • Re-uniting People and the Land
  • We All Benefit when Service is Delivered
  • Safety & Security: Strengthening the Fight Against Crime
  • Safety & Security: Getting Tough on Violence
  • Unity & Peace in Africa
  • Creating a Great Image for a Great Country
  • Good Governance: Ensuring our Democracy Runs Smoothly
  • Participating in Governance through Izimbizo
  • Access to Basic Services: Improving the quality of life
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