Nov 2012

Hotline gives you wings

Desperation drove Jessica Marobane to call the Office of the President on 18 September asking for funding to study to be a pilot. The cost for the training of becoming a pilot amounted to R408 763.50. She applied for bursaries at different institutions without success. Since her single mother, Dorothy, could not afford to pay her tuition fees, Jessica decided to contact the toll-free Presidential Hotline.

The Presidential Hotline then approached the office of the Director-General and the office of the CEO at the Transport Education and Education Authority requesting financial assistance for Jessica to complete her studies. The office of the Director-General: Transport Education and Education Authority approved a discretionary grant to cover Jessica’s tuition fees. Jessica told the Presidential Hotline that she has completed her training and is adding flying hours so that she can become a fully qualified pilot.

For more information, contact the Presidential hotline on: 17737
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