Feb 2018 2nd Edition

Stop, look, look, again

Teach your children the rules of the road to keep them safe from harm.

Sending your child off to school is a milestone in any parent’s life. It marks the first step they take towards getting a good education and securing a bright future. While taking these vital steps, it is important to educate your child about road and pedestrian safety.

According to statistics from Arrive Alive about 40 percent of fatal road accidents in South Africa involve pedestrians.  Parents must therefore understand the rules of the road and teach their children how to obey them.

Stay on  the pavement

If your children walk to school, they must walk on the pavement. If there are no pavements, they should walk on the right-hand side of the road so that they face and can see oncoming traffic and have enough time to avoid an oncoming vehicle.

Teach your child to be mindful of other pedestrians. Often there is just enough space on a pavement for two pedestrians to walk past each another. Stop and allow the other person to walk past you, rather than stepping off the pavement and getting hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Be careful when crossing the road.

  • Many pedestrians are killed or injured when crossing the road because they do not pay attention. Whether you are crossing at a bus or taxi stop, always look right, then left and then right again before you cross.
  • When crossing the road, walk briskly and listen for oncoming traffic. Do not run or walk across the road without looking in both directions first.
  • Remember to stay within the solid white lines. Rather cross the road at a controlled intersection, that has traffic lights.
  • Teach your child the meaning of the red, orange and green lights.
  • Be sure to cross the road at a point where you can see clearly, both ways. It can be dangerous to cross a road if there is a sharp bend or bushes or hills that block your view.

 Do not cross a freeway because cars travel at high speed. Most freeways have pedestrian bridges that are safe to use.

Also teach your children to stay with a  group of friends or adults when crossing a road as there is safety in numbers.

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