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Books4Mzansi app to stock township libraries

Software developer Nobubele Shozi’s Books4Mzanzi app will connect book donors with schools and libraries in need.

Nobubele Shozi is a software developer and researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.One of the biggest challenges to a culture of reading in South Africa is that schools in poor communities do not have libraries.

Many people might want to donate books to these schools, but don’t know how.

Nobubele Shozi, a 30-year-old software developer and researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, has read between the lines and, working with a group of other women, come up with a solution.

Shozi is developing an app called Books4Mzanzi, which will help people to donate books to schools in townships.

The app will be accessible on mobile devices and desktop computers. It will allow potential donors to search through a database of schools and quickly identify their needs.

Once a donor has indicated their interest, Shozi’s team will arrange for donated books to be collected and transported to the chosen school.

Working with partners

Shozi and her team are talking to a number of potential partners, including the Rosa Parks Library, to decide which schools to target.

“We will be asking people to donate textbooks, reading books and if you have some educational games that you feel you need to donate, we are willing to do that.

“So anything that will encourage reading and learning will be welcome,” she said.

The development of the app is thanks to a $2 500 (about R33 000) TechWomen seed grant awarded to Shozi and four of her partners in Washington, USA, last year.