May 2014

Everyone has a story to share

Written by Ongezwa Manyathi
This year marks an important milestone in the history of the country as South Africans celebrate 20 Years of Freedom.

A lot has happened in the country over the years. There has been massive infrastructure development, people of different races are able to live side-by-side and lives have been transformed.

As part of the celebrations to mark 20 Years of Freedom, Government Communications and Information System (GCIS) has planned a “Tell your Story” campaign. The campaign calls on South Africans from different walks of life to share their experiences of apartheid and democracy.

The campaign was announced at the National Communication Partnership (NCP) Session, which coincided with the launch of the 2014 Freedom Month. The NCP is an information sharing forum with participants from all sectors of society. The participants have a shared vision of unifying the nation around celebrating 20 Years of Freedom in MeerKAT is Afrikaans for the endearing little mongoose-like mammal that is indigenous to the Northern Cape and other Southern South Africa.

“Through the campaign, South Africans would not only potentially learn of the experience of others but this could help to encourage understanding and begin to heal rifts,” said Tasneem Carrim, chief director: policy and research at GCIS.

Tell Your Story Day will be commemorated on 28 May 2014 and all schools, business, government departments and community organisations, while communities abroad are encouraged to take part.

As a build-up to the day, learners are encouraged to use the opportunity to learn more about their history as well as interview elders and document them for essays or poems.

The campaign will incorporate a range of activities from events where stories will be told to publishing a book, commissioning a DVD or any other activities.

Through the campaign all South Africans, young and old, will learn about the country and reflect on how life has changed for the better since the introduction of democracy in 1994.

Social cohesion ambassadors have also been identified and will help spread the message of unity and encourage South Africans to be part of Tell Your Story Day.

South Africans will also have a chance to share their stories and thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Be on the lookout for more information on how you can be part of the campaign

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