Sept 2013

Letters to the Editor

The youth of South Africa must develop an entrepreneural mindset to be absorved into the economy. We also need skilled and empowered youth to develop our country. The future is in our hands. We must innovative and creative. Laziness must come to an end. With the help of the National Youth Development Agency, the Small Enterprise Development Agency, Khula and other organisations we can help our Government reduce the number of unemployed youth in our country. Let us strive to have our own enterprises. Vukuzenzele Moswa wa mo Africa.

John Nkoana, Mankgaile Ga-Molepo, Limpopo

To the 2013 Matriculants

Writing matric exams is a crucial stage in the development of all young people. Just remember that we are the captains of our destinies and the creators of our future. Don’t be idealistic, be realistic because nothing comes easy in life.

All our dreams can come true if we pursue them. Remember that the matric certificate alone will not be a ticket to a brighter future. As an individual go out there and make the best of your situation. Go out there and grab all possible opportunities and utilize them. The world is full of possibilities that are just waiting for you to take advantage of them. A little piece of hard work has never killed anyone.

Insist on working hard. It will pay off. Insist on praying. It will pay off. In order to achieve, you must sweat. No pain, no gain. Work hard today and tomorrow there will be a reward. Your poor background does not determine your future. Be free, be spontaneous, be brave, be you and be who you want to be.

In your future, you will have flat tyres called jobs but only if you as an individual will have a spare wheel called determination, an engine called perseverance, an insurance called faith and a driver called Jesus. You will make it to a place called success.

Phutieagae Suzan, North West

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