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Madiba magic brings out the best in South Africans

Written by Mduduzi Tshabangu and Samona Murugan

Nelson Mandela Day

The spirit of giving and unity was in the air as South Africans from all backgrounds made time to do acts of kindness for less fortunate members of society. It was Nelson Mandela Day - a birthday of the first democratically elected President of South Africa - a day when people get out of their uniforms and suits to put on t-shirts, overalls and jeans - ready to serve.

Armed with paint brushes, spades, brooms and other tools, they sweated, making the environment beautiful, feeding the hungry and feeling hearts with joy.

For 67 minutes and more, they laboured, sprucing up floors, removing rubble, painting walls and faces, giving out food parcels, cooking and feeding the hungry.

At the end of the day, there was happiness all round.

This was Madiba Magic at play. A day when South Africans led the international community in performing acts of generosity.

Children’s homes, schools, old age homes and orphanages were left cleaner and brighter and needy children treated to delicious meals.