Aug 2013

The smart ID card is here!

Smart IDs

1. What do I need to bring along when I want to apply for a new Smart ID Card?

If you are a South African citizen: Bring along your green barcoded ID. If you are a first time applicant: Bring along your birth certificate, proof of address and, in case of minors, must be accompanied by the parent/s. If you are a permanent resident of South Africa: Bring the green bar-coded ID already in your possession. If a first time applicant: Bring permanent residence certificate and proof of address.

2. How long does it take for an applicant to receive a Smart ID Card?

14 working days from date of application provided it is a straight forward application meeting all the requirements.

3. How does the Smart ID Card benefit citizens or the country?

It will help combat identity theft, fraudulent activities related to drivers licence, social grants, financial institutions as well as insurance.

4. How much will I pay for Smart ID Card?

The Smart ID Card will be issued free to the 16 year-olds who are first time applicants. All other Smart ID Card applicants will be expected to pay R140 - the same cost as the current green ID.

5. Will Smart ID Cards be delivered / couriered to citizens and permanent residents’ address of choice?

No, citizens [and permanent residents] will have to present themselves at the office where they applied to collect the card.

6. Will the Smart ID Card be used for 2014 Elections?

Citizens who have Smart ID Cards at the time of elections will use the Smart ID Cards for voting whilst those who don’t will use the green bar-coded ID Books to vote.

7. What will happen to the green ID when a citizen or permanent resident is issued with a New Smart ID card?

The Department will take back the green barcoded ID book to be cancelled in accordance to the Identification Act.

8. Will there be security on the Smart ID Card to prevent hacking?

Yes, there are high level security features.

9. Can a Smart ID Card be faked?

It is extremely difficult to either intercept or to duplicate the Smart ID Card.

10. What is going to be in a Smart Card?

The information that will be on the body of the card will be your names, gender, citizen’s status, your date of birth and your ID number.

11. How many photos/pictures am I expected to bring for a Smart ID Card and Passport application?

There will be no need for applicants to bring photos. The environment for the Smart ID Card will cater for both application processes.

12. Will all applicants walk out of their local Home Affairs office with a Smart ID Card immediately after application?

No, the Smart ID cards will be printed at a secure location and be delivered to the office of application.

13. What is the estimated time to be taken to phase-out the old green ID document?

An estimated period of 5 to 7 years, starting from 2013.

14. Will permanent residence permit holders also qualify to apply for the new Smart ID Card?


15. Will SA citizens living abroad also have to apply for the new Smart ID Card?

All SA citizens and permanent residents will be required to have the new Smart ID Card.

16. If I do not remember my ID number and I do not have my green barcoded ID, will I still be able to apply for a new Smart ID Card?

Yes, you will still be able to apply but your application will follow a different process.

17. What happens if you lose the ID after you have applied for a Smart ID Card?

You have to provide proof in the form of a Police case number and affidavit. You will have to pay the prescribed fee for the new ID Card.

18. How will persons with limb disabilities apply for Smart ID Cards since the new system requires fingerprints?

Such persons will be issued with a pin code.

19. Will one be able to track process of the application with the DHA Call Centre?


20. Will there be some special arrangements in place to assist persons in rural areas to apply for the Smart ID Card?

Yes, however in the initial phase, applications will only be lodged at 72 identified offices.

21. I suspect that someone else is using the same ID number as I. Will this be rectified if I apply for a new Smart ID Card?

No, if your ID number is indeed duplicated, visit a Home Affairs office. The duplication will be resolved first before you apply for a Smart ID Card.

22. I want to change my name/surname/date of birth/add a name. Can I do it at the same time?

No, you will first have to finalize any amendments and rectifications to your personal particulars before you can apply for a new Smart ID Card.

23. Who can apply for a Smart ID Card as from 18 July 2013?

The Department will invite applicants in a phased in approach. Full details of where and when members of public can start applying for Smart ID Cards will be published.

24. Will one be required to renew the Smart ID Card from time to time?

No, except when the card is damaged or lost.

25. I have already applied for a new bar coded ID and I am still waiting for it. Will I be issued with a smart ID card?

No, you will be issued with a green barcoded ID. The Smart ID Cards will be phased in over a seven year period and members of public will be advised when to apply.

26. I want to apply for a (new) SA passport. Do I first have to apply for a new Smart ID Card before I can apply for a passport?

No, you can still apply for a passport by producing your green barcoded ID.

27. I am already in possession of a Smart ID Card. If I get married or divorced and my surname changes, do I have to apply for a new Smart ID Card?

Yes, when one gets married and assumes another surname, it is strongly advised that one apply for a new Smart ID Card, at the required fee.

28. If one undergoes a gender change, will it be necessary to apply for a new Smart ID Card?

Yes, after the gender amendment has been finalized, you will be required to apply for a new Smart ID Card.

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