May 2018 1st Edition

Minimum wage to be implemented soon

The National Minimum  Wage Bill proposes that wages be set at R20 per hour and be reviewed annually.

International Workers' Day is celebrated on 1 May with workers across the country celebrating their rights.

This year government was expected to introduce the National Minimum Wage Bill which would benefit about six million workers.

Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant announced that the Bill will not be implemented by 1 May 2018 due to the fact that Parliament won’t be able to finalise the new policy by that date.

 “We are aware that interested parties have been making submissions on the Bill and it has become apparent that the ambition for it to become law by 1 May 2018 may not be practical, given the high volumes of public submissions both written and oral,” the Minister said.

 There are 4.5 million workers that are currently being under paid.

“Immediately after the implementation of the National Minimum Wage, about 6.6 million [workers] will be able to benefit from it,” Minister Oliphant confirmed.

The National Minimum Wage Bill proposes that the National Minimum Wage be set at R20 per hour and be reviewed annually.

However, the minimum wage for domestic and farm workers will be set at R15 and R18 an hour respectively. They will be adjusted to reach the National Minimum Wage within two years of implementation.

Minister Oliphant said there is commitment by employers, organised labour and the community, which consists of various non-government organisations, to support the National Minimum Wage.

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