May 2013

Get a head start on school enrolment

Written by Samona Murugan
The 2014 school year may be more than six months away but parents have been urged to start enrolling their children at schools immediately.

The application period for 2014 school enrolments has already opened in Gauteng and the Western Cape, the education departments in these provinces have announced.

If your child is entering school for the first time, starting high school or changing schools, you should apply as soon as possible.

The departments advise parents to apply at more than one school, as the application to the school of your choice may not be successful.

This year there will be two phases during which you can visit schools and apply for 2014 admissions.

Phase 1 takes place from 1 March to 21 June and Phase 2 takes place from 16 July to 6 September.

Schools are expected to reply to all Phase 1 applications by 28 June 2013 so that parents and guardians have enough time to look for alternative schools during Phase 2.

Early enrolments are important as they help plan for the year ahead, ensuring that departments allocate enough educators, textbooks and other learning support materials to schools.

When applying for enrolment, you must provide the school with the child’s birth certificate, immunisation card and transfer card, or the last report card for learners who have already been to school. Schools cannot charge fees such as a registration fee, deposit, re-admission, pre-admission testing fees, or any other fee at the time of application.

School fees may be charged only after the learner has been informed in writing of acceptance for admission to the school.

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