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May 2021 2nd edition

N West dairy project milking success

Written by Albert Pule
Former farmworkers in the North West, who are now running a dairy farm, have more than doubled their milk production after the provincial government gave them additional 20 cows recently.

The Syferlaagte Farm Trust, just outside Klerksdorp, used to produce 150 litres of milk daily, but after the generous donation from the North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Rural Development the amount of milk produced increased significantly.

The department bought 20 Holstein dairy cows for the trust, which is made up of 31 former farmworkers who acquired the farm through the Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development (LRAD) programme in 2004.

With the latest additions, there are currently 66 Holstein dairy cows on the 384 hectare farm.

The trust’s chairperson, Martin Kgethe, said the department’s contribution has been a major boost for their project.

“We have been producing 150 litres of milk per day, but since delivery of the additional 20 cows a few days ago, we are now producing 450 litres of milk per day,” explained Kgethe.

The milk produced on the farm is sold to a dairy processing plant in Klerksdorp, every second day.

The department, through its Crop Science Division, also provided the trust with cabbage and spinach seedlings, as well as carrot and beetroot seeds.

MEC for Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Rural Development, Desbo Mohono said for the trust to succeed, the beneficiaries needed to continue working hard to ensure that the projects make a positive contribution in the fight against hunger and unemployment.

For more information contact the North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Rural Development on 018 389 5111.