Jul 2013

New paramedics ready to save lives

Written by *Lerato Mailoane
Nhlanhla Moropodi’s neardeath experience prompted him to dream of becoming a paramedic.

Moropodi graduated at the top of his class at the Lebone College of Emergency Care in Gezina, Pretoria. Lebone is the only training institution for emergency care workers in Gauteng.

Ten years ago, Moropodi was involved in a car accident while travelling with his family in his hometown of Nigel. After seeing the photographs of his badly injured body, he felt grateful to the paramedics who had saved his life and made it his life’s purpose to become a paramedic so that he could save other lives.

Today he is one of the 67 students who completed the two-year Emergency Care Technology course recently. Twenty other students completed the Critical Care Assist course and 15 others completed the Ambulance Emergency Assistance course at the college.

All students were honoured at a graduation ceremony held recently at the college.

The proud 23-year-old said he worked extremely hard and his efforts paid off - winning him the Best Student of the Year award.

Gauteng Health MEC Hope Papo said it was young men like Moropodi who remind him of the selflessness required in working for the public.

“As a province, we are very proud and will continue supporting work towards improving the lives of the public,” said Papo.

He added that emergency services is the most important component of the health services.

“It is the first line of our health services because people are desperate when they phone the emergency medical services.” MEC Papo said his department would work hard to reduce the death of pregnant women and of people involved in accidents. “The reduction of maternal, infant and child mortality ranks highly on the department’s key priorities. This initiative will help us as a department reach this target,” said Papo.

* Lerato Mailoane works for the Gauteng Office of the Premier


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