Feb 2012

Now you can collect your grant anywhere in South Africa

It will also allow SASSA to achieve its objective of standardising its services and reducing overall costs.

The agency said the contract would run over a period of five years at a cost of about R10 billion, with the winning bidder expected to distribute grants to the value of about R500 billion over the same period.


Up to 21 companies submitted bids for one or more of the provinces, resulting in 128 bids for evaluation.

The bids were subjected to rigorous evaluation and adjudication in conformity with the bid document. This entailed a functionality evaluation in assessing each bid against the criteria, short-listing and financial and preference evaluation.


Cash Paymaster services has been paying social grants since 2006, but it is for the first time that SASSA awards a payment contract of this nature. It was previously extended based on the provincial contracts.

Over the past five years the unit costs for pension payment increased from about R26 in 2006/07 to R34 in 2010/2011.

In the current contract, the unit cost has been capped to R16,50 for the duration of the contract. This would bring saving of R3 billion over a contract period of five years.


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