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Metro police are here for you

Recent reports in the media about metro police brutality have highlighted the need to put a spotlight on the important role this department plays in making sure that there is safety, security and order in the cities.
Is the Metro Police Service part of the South African Police Service?

No. The Metro Police Service is a department within a municipality.The SAPS and the metro police often work together in the fight against crime.

How do I identify the Metro Police?

The metro police are easily identified. They have a distinctive blue uniform with a blue and white checkered band on their hats. Their vehicles are also clearly marked with the same blue and white checkered band on the sides.

Besides law enforcement, what other work do metro police officers do?

Metro police direct traffic in the event of an accident, breakdown, spillage or when lights are out of order.  They also enforce bylaws, for example, checking for illegal traders and over-loaded vehicles. They enforce public transport legislation and assist with vehicle testing.

Metro police officers are there to ensure there is law and order in the cities in which we live. It’s up to all of us to work with them to ensure that they are able to perform their duties.

Metro police do not investigate crimes nor have police cells to lock up suspects. Once an arrest is made, the suspect is handed over to the SAPS for follow-up investigation.

How quickly will the metro police respond to a call?

In many cases metro police are constantly patrolling the area in a number of ways. There is usually a bicycle section, a horse unit, motorcycles and a wide variety of other vehicles. Metro police also patrol on foot.

What sort of training do the new recruits go on?

Municipalities ensure that recruits go on training to prepare them for their work. Training involves the city’s bylaws, traffic regulations, and crime prevention legislation, self-defence, among others.

Metro Police officers undergo ongoing training to remain well informed of changes in legislation, new methods of crime prevention, and so on.