Oct 2015

Opportunities for youth in maritime

South Africa’s maritime has many opportunities, particularly for young people. Programmes such as Operation Phakisa Oceans Economy that aims to tap into the oceans potential to grow the economy and create jobs, will benefit the youth. 
What is maritime?

Maritime refers to activities relating to the sea. The term that is generally taken from the two words, marine for water and time for social and economic activities taking place in the water environment.

South African Maritime Safety Authority

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA), an agency of the Department of Transport, is responsible for ensuring the safety of life and property at sea, preventing pollution of the Marine Environment by Ships and championing South Africa’s Global Maritime Interests.

Youth programmes

SAMSA manages major youth programmes and projects that help stimulate the development of maritime sector in the country. These major youth programmes, funded by the National Skills Fund, include:

  • The National Cadetship Programme (Training and finding berth for the Cadets in International Shipping Lines)
  • Training On-Board SA Agulhas (Dedicated training vessel)
  • Bursaries to high school learners and tertiary institutions students (Bursaries are offered to grade 9s to study their grades 10, 11, & 12 at Lawhill Maritime Centre in Simonstown, Cape Town; and for students in Cape University of Technology and Durban University of Technology to study Maritime Related Diplomas such as Marine Engineering, Maritime Studies, and Nautical Studies)
  • The National Maritime Awareness Programme (a programme that aims to open up the maritime sector to the youth and the public by promoting the sector and the opportunities in maritime). 

Intakes are done around April every year. Advertisements are placed in local and national newspapers.

Bursaries for Lawhill Maritime Centre are advertised in rural and selected public schools and are currently opened as they around the third quarter of very year. The same applies with the hopefuls for the tertiary institutions.

For more information on: Cadetship call: 012 366 2600; For bursaries call: 012 366 2600.
Jobs / Vacancies
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